Training Pants

These ultra-cute pants with their waterproof layer are the compromise between normal underpants that have no waterproof protection to full waterproof training pants.  Full waterproof training pants are quite expensive averaging around $25.  The Big Kid Pants are more economical at half the price and are designed to catch that one wee.  The waterproof layer covers the wet zone and if you are using the Ultimate Toilet Training System to help toilet train your child and identify what their body is doing quicker, this is a great option for toilet training. 

Please note that when using the Big Kid Pants for Night Training, it is recommended they are used in combination with the Waterproof Sheet Protector.  The Big Kid Pants are not a nappy.  They do not absorb the wee.  This is why they are great for night training - wee feel wet. Nor are they completely waterproof like a nappy.  If your child does a large wee, which can happen with night training without the conscious effort to stop the wee while we are awake, it can eventually leak out past the waterproof layer.  This is why the Waterproof Sheet Protector is the best combination to use, to ensure the sheets stay dry and the mattress is protected.

Your child feels like a Big Kid wearing their Big Kid Pants while helping manage wetness, particularly to help keep the top sheet or donna dry.