Night Training

For Night Training there are three things you need to look at to make it as easy as possible for your child to win. 

1.  Correct Game Plan

2.  Manage Wetness (Lose the nappy)

3.  Motivation

1.  CORRECT GAME PLAN is essential to helping your child achieve night dryness.  We recommend you do day first then move onto night, keep the momentum going.  Bladder / brain wake up is the physical process that needs to happen. The correct game plan is thus so important and it provides the boundaries to avoid falling into the trap of doing the wrong things that will hinder the process or sadly, adopting the strategy of "hoping it will happen".   

2.  MANAGE WETNESS is for the parent's survival.  You MUST Lose the Nappy for night training. This is essential for success and a Pull-Up type nappy is just an overpriced nappy.  It will absolutely HINDER your child's ability to stay dry.  To keep your sanity with this, you need a Waterproof Sheet Protector so that you don't have to strip the entire linen at 2am in the morning if we have an accident. The Big Kid Pants with a Waterproof Layer also help with keeping the top sheet dry.

3.  MOTIVATION is to help your child “want” to stay dry and assist with triggering the bladder/brain connection.  Motivation is important.  You need to give your child a reason to get up and go.  Our My First Reward Charts are perfect for this and they are really good value as you can continue to use them after night training is finished for everything else - homework, manners, listening, that sort of thing.    When used in conjunction with the Prize Box system your child will have a fun on their way to dryness.  The Dry Pants Dance is also brilliant for this as well as an excellent tool to help with following the Correct Game Plan to success.