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1.0  Take the "No More Nappies" Challenge and Save Thousands of Dollars and Toilet Train in Just Days

In order to fully comprehend the reality of the cost of delaying toilet training parents need to physically see just how much they are wasting each week in nappies.  I think parents would be shocked if they actually did the maths.   Since starting this business in 1996, I was utterly shocked to discover how much the cost of nappies has increased from when I was paying for them to what you are paying now.  Seriously you need to consider this.  The cost of nappies has risen by over 40% in this time.  Parents were telling me, “the nappy packets are getting more expensive and they are putting less in them”.... you are not kidding!  This is such a HUGE INCREASE! 

Let's work it out.  Using conservatively 7 nappies a day, that is a child waking up at 6am, and going to bed at 6pm with 2 hour nappy changes inbetween.  If we have a poo accident thrown in there probably another nappy is required and if they wake at night then some more…..but we will stick to just 7 for a more accurate estimate.  Not even looking at the most expensive nappies (the older the child in nappies the more you are paying as well) but taking an average between the brands you are paying 50cents/nappy (most of you are paying a lot more like I said – and if you are using pull-up type nappies more than double it at $1.20 - $1.33/nappy).  So this is the maths:

7 nappies/day x $0.50 nappy x 30 days (a month) = $105 / MTH

I was scared by those figures and I am not even paying them anymore.  This is why I wanted to highlight to parents just how much they are wasting each month.  If you have two children in nappies double it…. If you are using pull-up nappies more than double it - $210/mth is simply wrong.

The terrible thing is we just keep on wasting $105 / mth EVERY month and often don’t think twice.  A rationalised reason to delay until Summer costs you $630 or more.  We need to think about why we want to keep our children for an extra 6 to 12 months in nappies, waiting until 2 years or older to even just start.  The nappy industry are clapping their hands with glee at this.  So much so they are making nappies for 15 year olds.  This is not a typo – go check your nappy isle next time: 8-15year olds is now a nappy option because we are delaying the process later and later and obviously later.  They don’t make this size for just a couple of kids, it is for the masses, otherwise they wouldn’t bother, they are there to make money.  There is more than one brand in this range as well.  The facts are right in front of us, we simply can't ignore them.  Late toilet training is costing you a fortune.

So please, please pay attention to how much money you are wasting in nappies.  Is it really worth it?  And this isn't even considering the mental, psychological and behaviour challenges that arise from late toilet training.... that is a different article again.

Take our NO MORE NAPPIES Challenge and get rid of them for good and put the $100/mth back into your pocket.  Just think of what you can do with this extra money….. family holiday, new clothes, trip to a theme park with the, so much more valuable uses than wasting it on nappies.



Swap your next month’s nappy spend with one of our "Bullet Proof Boy Pack" or "Girls Just Want To Have Fun Pack" and be rewarded with a clean bottom that costs nothing. 


The good news is by using these packs you can get rid of the nappies cheaper then what the actual nappies are costing you! And what are the results...... My 2 year old took just 3 days.  One week later night trained.  When you combine this system with the research that shows it is easier and quicker before 2 years old, you can toilet train your 18mth old this quickly as well!  Parents are doing it.  Just take a look at our Raving Fans.....people get quite excited when they save $1,800 worth of nappies and no longer require nappies at just 18mths old.  This is what we would love you to do too.

You get 100% support and 100% money back if we can’t toilet train your child.  There isn’t even any risk.  We are here to toilet train your child and save your thousands.

DON’T DELAY!  It is costing you TOO much money.  Choose the best solution for you and your child and get rid of the nappies TODAY! 

For more information see the video below:

The Best & Quickest Method to Toilet Train Your Child




The Shocking Truth About Toilet Training in Australia!

New findings from the University of NSW has revealed Australia has serious toilet training problems with our children because of how late we are starting the process.  In the opening page of their 83 page research document written in 2010, it analyses the Pull-Up packaging with the 4 year old happily sitting on the toilet with her Pull-up at her knees and states "In effect, the product symbolises the abandonment of toilet training in Australia today."

Download the full report here.


The research goes on to say  the "Window of Opportunity" to start toilet training with your child is 18-24mths, and that late toilet training - over two years of age - is resulting in harmful effects on our children - hiding while pooing, wanting the nappy on to poo, refusal to poo on the toilet, urge incontinence, longer bed-wetting, and the list goes on. This window of opportunity according to the experts is closing at 24 months (Dr Ravenel), the window closes at 27 months (according to Dr Blum).

How many children do you know older than two years of age that are still in nappies?  How many do you know older than three?  This is the scary reality, that has been passed on by the nappy industry with their happy 4 year old still in nappies - leading you to believe that it is OK. 



The consequences of late toilet training makes a very long list.  As the research highligted, one of the major issues after two years old is POO PROBLEMS.  This is because we are teaching our children to poo in a nappy - often standing in the wrong position - and they become dependent on the nappy and don't want to keep doing what we have taught them.  The reality is - after two years old you can almost be GUARANTEED A POO PROBLEM.   If you have a laid back child but stubborn or a cautious child that doesn't like change it will be a 100% certainty you will get a poo problem if you haven't finished by 2 years old.  Why would you risk this when all it takes to avoid it is to start early?


Children going to school in nappies is becoming an epidemic - they are five years old plus!   The Courier Mail wrote an article on this in 2008 about the problem of children being sent to school in nappies in Queensland.  I am sorry to say but just six years on it hasn't gotten better - it is still happening.  It is 2014 and in the small school of 288 students that my children go to there is a child in my youngest Grade 1/2 class that is still wearing a nappy to school and has frequent poo accidents that the teachers need to deal with. I know there is at least another child in Prep.  I spoke to a teacher at another school in the area, she was a Prep teacher, she told me she had a child in nappies still in her class.  My cousin is a Prep teacher.  She tells the same story.  Children are being sent to school in nappies.  The reality is there, in our faces wherever we look.  Like I said, the nappy isle is proving it.  Considering in the 1920's we started toilet training at 3mths and our children were toilet trained by 12-18mths.  This is not Ok!

You need to let your friends and family know about this.  Our children are at risk of not only the physical problems that are being attributed to late toilet training, but the mental and psychological anguish that also results.  How can a four-five-six year old be confident, well-adjusted and happy going to school in a nappy because they still rely on it to do a poo?

This is why I am so passionate about helping parents stop this epidemic sweeping Australia.  Education is the solution.   Toilet training starts with us, and the good news is there is a proven system available - costing less than the a months worth of nappies - to start your child early 14-18mths and get toilet training finished before two years of age.  Your child needs you to act. 

I know the consequence of late toilet training because I made the mistake in the beginning as with my first child.  This is why I am very vocal about telling parents - don't do it!  I KNOW what you will go through if you choose late toilet training.   I had a 2.5 year old still in nappies having all sorts of problems.  Thankfully I did something about it sooner than later and it took only three days to toilet train my child, one week later night time trained - this system is available for you to do the same.  Please don't need to make the same mistakes I did when you don't have to.



From Wikipedia to parenting websites, the consensus is that a child is considered a toddler from 1-3 years old...... so right there if we are still wearing nappies at 3 years old, your toddler is now a child.  The thing is, if two years old is our deadline to make the process easier, then starting earlier than later is the key.  If your infant officially becomes a toddler at twelve months why not start toilet training then to actually finish by 18mths rather than start at this time.  This is what my sister did with her twin boys.  She used our BULLET PROOF BOY PACK and started at 14mths as they were showing signs of readiness.  By 17mths they were day trained, 18mths night time trained.  Two at once, both boys, done, yet her scenario often produces a combination of excuses that parents give me why they haven’t toilet trained their two year old plus child.  Parents with twins often freak out at the prospect of two versus one, even though it can be easier as you have instant peers like daycare to help encourage each other.  I don’t know how many times I have heard “Yeah, but boys are harder to toilet train than girls…” All you are doing here is giving yourself an excuse to be let off the hook.  Besides it isn’t even true - Boys are easier to toilet train then girls if you use the right tools like the Bullet Proof Boy Pack.  



What are signs of readiness that your child is ready to start toilet training?

  1.  Pulling at the nappy
  1.  Dislike of wearing the nappy
  1. Telling you wees and poos - before or after they have gone (they don't have to speak to  do this - communication can be hand gestures, crying out, etc)
  1. An awareness of their body
  1. An interest in the toilet/potty and Mum and Dad going
  1. A poo routine


Other websites include the "independence" factor - being able to pull pants up and down themselves, being able to take themselves to the toilet... this is all good but this isn't the key.  Unfortunately parents focus on this part and hence end up later than two before they even start as it implies that you need to be older, when you simply don't.  Ky indicated to me that he needed to poo on the potty by crying out.  He was 9mths old.  The finish of toilet training is either your child letting you know they need to go or being able to take themselves.  Keeping clean and dry, understanding their body's signals is categorically more important than being able to pull up pants themselves.  Your infant or toddler, can and will develop these skills before they can independently take themselves - if you teach them.

Simply put, if your child is showing signs of readiness - start.  Don't hold them back.  Understand that one of the key errors parents make with toilet training is waiting for these signs of readiness to proceed.  Age has nothing to do with readiness.  Your child can show signs of readiness at 4mths, 14mths or 24mths plus.  The key is you can't rely on readiness exclusively to begin toilet training.  Certain personalities will simply not show you signs of readiness - the laid back child and the cautious child - so you would be waiting a long time for them to start.  If you child is nearing two years old and they still are showing no signs, it is time for you to step in because knowing what you know now, it will be detrimental to them and you if you don't.  You now have the FACTS.... all you need to do is take action.



Start now!  Don’t delay.  It just means that you have missed the “window of opportunity” to make it easier on yourself and your child.  You see, after two, it becomes less about toilet training, and more about “battle of wills”.  They call it “terrible twos” for a reason.  So subsequently parents find themselves in a situation where they have to deal with fear and objections, ironically created by our actions of leaving the nappy on longer.  We now have to focus on the “cure” which often becomes harder work.  The good news is, we still can toilet train quickly if you ensure you are doing the “right” things and use the right tools.  You just need to apply more parenting skills and know what the key details are. 

For example, one of the main mistakes parents make is asking their child if they need to go.  They have never been before and the nappy has created a bad habit and taken the sensation away.  How do they know?!  The question is irrelevant and you will get “no” anyway and where do you go from there?  No where.  You only ask this question if they have proven they understand what their body is doing because they have practiced the skill already.  A small detail of simply changing what we say can make a difference.



When you start toilet training, you first need to decide if you are going to use a potty or go straight to the toilet.  Australians tend to be more "toilet" orientated versus "potty" which is more American focussed.  The main reason for this I believe is that we simply don't like cleaning it out.  My sister with her twin boys, went straight to the toilet at 14mths because she couldn't stand the thought of double potty clean out.  She had the right tools and it was actually easier using the toilet.

Your consideration of using the potty or toilet comes down to:

  1.  Age
  1.  Personality
  1.  Daily Use
  1. Transition


Age:  If you child is nearing 2 years old, then I would definitely recommend heading for the toilet.  The quicker you get to the toilet, the easier it is for you to leave the home, go to Nannas, the shops, etc.  Childcare Centres very rarely have potties nor do they wish to clean them out, so again, a strong toilet focus.  Also, a two year old poo is an adult poo.  They are on solids, and often the potty is not big enough to provide adequate clearance which could scare your child more. 


If you have a younger toddler or an infant, it can be easier to use the potty to start with.  Just make sure you have a splash back for boys to avoid over shooting.  You can even get little "bucket" type potties for starting very young that is placed between your legs.  They look like a top hat.


Personality: If you have a cautious personality child I would definitely say skip the potty and go straight to the toilet. The Cautious child does not like change, so one less change in routine in their life will save you lots of hassels.  Don't let them get used to one thing to have to change it later to another. 


Daily Use:  Using a potty can sometimes be easier for parents as they don't have to hang around like you would with the toilet.  Popping your child on the potty in front of the TV, in any room of the house provides flexibility.  Your child can often access and sit on the potty independently as well.  The cons with this is that your child is learning go anywhere in the house which can cause confusion, where the toilet is only in one set spot to head for.  Clean out is obviously a key consideration as well to do on a daily basis.  This is just an extra step that you will need to do with a potty.

If you are going to use a potty, don’t spend more than $10 on a potty.  A potty is only temporary.  Again, why get a $60 potty that sings and makes flush noises to get your child attached and will be harder to switch to the boring toilet later on.  You are better off investing the money in a good toilet seat for the long haul.

Transition: You need to consider the transition from the potty to the toilet.  Again this significantly applies to the Cautious personality child but of course not exclusively.  If you create one habit of going on the potty, you will need to at some point, break this habit and start a new one on the toilet.



When starting toilet training, you need to provide a Toilet Seat Insert for your child.  A toilet seat insert makes the hole smaller so their little bottoms don't fall in.  If your child is struggling to hold then they will tense up and physically won't be able to go.  The challenge is toilet seat inserts are painful.  They are add/remove, add/remove 6-8 times/day for the next 3-4 years, depending when you start.  By day three you are over it.  They limit independence as they can be difficult for your child to access or put on.  But there is a solution.  Using a child and adult seat in one like the marvellous Lupi Lu is the gift to parents who cherish sanity in their lives.  Add/remove is replaced with up/down, so your child can do it themselves, there is no shifting or pinching like an insert can often do and because it is fixed and moulded, just like our seat, they are far more comfortable and more willing to use it. 

I hear it all the time, parents spend hundreds on multiple toilet seat inserts hoping the next one will be better, when just one investment in your Lupi Lu will save you the time, money and frustration.

If you have a "modern" toilet that is rectangular in shape or recessed into the wall, then you will have problems fitting the "standard" inserts.  Subsequently your only option and you really only have one, is to use the insert with ladder attached.  Something like a Cushie Tushie Step Up.  This goes on top of the pan, so you don't have to try and fit it into a specific space.  If you are going to use an insert I tend to place these at the bottom of the list, as they are larger to store, more cumbersome to add and children find it difficult to get up and turn around on them safely.  But unfortunately in the attempt to go "designerly" your modern toilets leave you no choice.  Think seriously about your choice of toilet if you are renovating and you have a young family coming through.  "Standard" will save you lots of pain.



Once you have the physical aspect of Day Training established - potty, insert or Lupi Lu - then you need to start the nitty gritty aspect of toilet training.  This is often where the challenges start with parents because we simply don't know what to do.  We can make simple mistakes that can actually cause months of delay.  The problem with this is that not only is it expensive to drag out toilet training - at $100/mth in nappies thrown in the bin - it can cause frustration and ultimately toilet refusal in the end.

Let me give you some classic examples real quickly:

  1.  Underpants on one day, nappy on the next
  1. Waiting for signs of readiness to start
  1. Asking your child if they need to go
  1. Waiting for your child to tell you they need to go
  1. Believing that refusal means they are not ready
  1. Using bribery - if you do this I will give you this
  1. Using force


Something so simple as waiting for your child to tell you they need to go or asking their opinion on the matter, can literally cause months of delay.  How do they know, they have never been before!  When you actually think about it, it really does not make sense.



Whether you need to start and finish well, or overcome any existing problems - like the very common Poo Challenge - The Ultimate Toilet Training System, (also included in your Bullet Proof Boy Pack or Girls Just Want To Have Fun Pack is your solution.  The key to going quickly and overcoming any “battle of wills” is to have a dedicated approach to your child’s needs.  The Ultimate Toilet Training System focusses on both the parent and the child.  There are two parts to the system:

  1. Know Your Child Parent Module for you
  2. Totally Tops Toilet Game for your child

The key is us, the parent.  You have full control over what you do which is reassuring.  You just need to follow the steps to success.

This system works so well because of our exclusive Personality Profile Test for Early Childhood


You will discover if your child is a:

1.  Courageous Lion

2.  Loveable Lamb

3.  Wise Old Owl

4.  Cheeky Monkey

Once you know your child’s personality, you tweak your strategy and the Toilet Game to suit this.  For example, every child needs structure and routine, but a Wise Old Owl can’t operate effectively without it.  Every strategy outlined in the Know Your Child resource will benefit every child.  The success comes when your child is matched with the strategy that works most effectively for them.  Once your child’s needs are fulfilled, the “battle of wills” disappears, whatever it is.  The Poo Challenge for instance is only a representation of the battle of wills.  You need to get to the heart of “why” they are doing what they are doing in order to solve the challenges.  This is why you can apply the strategies to toilet training, avoiding tantrums, eating vegetables….. all aspects of parenting your child - because you are getting to the source of the problem.



Potty train your child easily by following a proven system that is guaranteed to get results.  Just magine, Monday of next week - TOILET TRAINED CHILD!

Kids love stickers and prizes, games and adventure ... but often that is not enough.  The "Ultimate Toilet Training System" (also included in our Bullet Proof Boy Pack and Girls Just Want To Have Fun Pack) is the proven system that can have your child toilet trained in just days!  The secret is YOU knowing what to do.  A simple reward chart won't give you this.  As a parent you need the correct methods to follow.  You need to know how to avoid the challenges in the first place, but if you do encounter them, you need to know how to overcome them.  Whizz & Plop products give you this training and guidance necessary for success. 

Using our no pressure methods, your child will actually want to use the toilet, regardless of any failed attempts in the past. Toilet Training becomes something fun and exciting for your child, they forget they are actually being toilet trained.  If you use the right tools, toilet training can actually be fun.  Because the Whizz & Plop Go Potty Packs teaches the parent and motivates the child - this is the key for success.


13.0 USE THE RIGHT TOOLS - You will Toilet Train Quicker and Easier!

Take a look at our Help Centre - Best Tools To Use - to get some great info that can save you so much money and delay.

Here are some key products you just can't go past:

The Lupi Lu is fantastic to help children relax on the toilet because they are using the same toilet as you.  A child and adult seat in one the Lupi Lu has a soft close, looks great and makes it so much easier.  You will need some form of toilet seat insert so little bottoms don't fall in, but if you don't want the hassel, the Lupi Lu is just the best product to make your life easier and your childs. 

Toilet train boys easy with the Weeman. The Weeman helps toilet train boys to wee standing just like Daddy - toilet train boys to wee standing up from the beginning using the Weeman - the correct way.  Use the Bullet Proof Boy Pack to cover day, night, standing and aiming to toilet train boys the best way possible and get a great discount as well.  Just one example - twin boys toilet trained by 18mths night time included using the Bullet Proof Boy Pack.

The Wee Target is great for boys around 3+ to aim in the toilet once they are tall enough to reach without a stool.  The Wee Target is great for small and tall - Daddys can benefit too! 

When leaving the home, the Potette Plus is a must!  The Potette Plus is essential with a travel potty and toilet seat insert in one - it covers every emergency.  Once you start toilet training you can't stay home forever - so use the Potette as a potty when there is no toilet and as an insert in the shops when there is.  Great to take to Nannas!  Use the right tools for toilet training and make your life easier, plus, you can cut months off the toilet training process!



Unfortunately in today's society, early potty training is considered 2 years old.  As discussed, research has proven that 2 years old is actually late toilet training.  JUST ONE GENERATION AGO children were toilet train 18 months ealier than what we are today.  18 MONTHS!  Now, we are conditioned not to start toilet training our children before this time or we cause problems, regardless of the fact that history shows (before the disposable nappy was introduced) that it was commonplace to have your child fully toilet trained by 12-18 months. We are now told to "wait until your child is ready".  Why then, are there so many parents discovering a multitude of problems associated with starting at this age and older.  Why are there now 4 and 5 year olds still not toilet trained?  Why is the Poo Challenge rife?  If this approach works so well, why is the nappy industry making nappies for 8-15 year olds?

More Confidence

Toilet train your child earlier than later and watch their confidence grow. Children are so proud of themselves when they are able to do "Big Boy / Girl" things just like Mum and Dad. Give your child the best preparation for Childcare or Kindergarten.  The later you leave it, the more pressure you will put on your child the older they get.  This just escalates their defiance and reduces their confidence - and yours!   Why make it harder on yourself and your child - start early and avoid these problems.

No More Nappies!

Imagine ... no more nappies ... gone for good. Order some of our "BIG KID" Waterproof Training Pants and don't look back. Don't waste any more money. Not only is this great for your weekly bank account, it is really the only successful way to achieve toilet training quickly, and with our unique "Bullet Proof Boy Pack" and "Girls Just wanna have fun pack", it will happen that much quicker!  Toilet train by age 2 and have early retirement of nappies.




Do I Want to NAPPY TRAIN or TOILET TRAIN my child?

There is great validity and common sense with starting our babies on the potty like they used to in the 1920s and for those parents who would love to experience the tremendous benefits of your baby using the potty not a nappy to do their wees and poos in, we also have a system to teach you how to do this.... and I know parents don't believe it, BUT POTTY TRAINING A BABY IS EASIER THAN A TODDLER!  I know, I have done both so can personally compare.

After reading the Early Start Potty Training book, I introduced my baby to the potty at 4 months old  and he just loved it!  At 5 months he had full bowel control.  I did not have to change a poo nappy with Ky since 5 months old.  EVERY TIME he did it on the potty or toilet.  At first I thought, "I can't be fluking this every time, every day."  And the realisation dawned on me, he is just getting it!

At 9 months old he started having dry nights, actually waking up to go to the toilet. Introduce your baby early to the potty and your child will recognise the potty just like they do a bathtub, a high chair, or a car seat. Why should a potty be any different to any other tool you use to raise your child?  You allow your baby to practice using the right muscles to use to expel waste, where a nappy takes this sensation away thus they don't develop this control.  You can either teach your child to go in the nappy or teach them to go on the toilet or potty. Either way they are going to go, one is just more pleasurable than the other.  So you need to decide, do I want to NAPPY TRAIN my child or TOILET TRAIN them?

Purchase our fantastic book Early-Start Potty Training and change your life and your baby's. Take a year or two off your nappy bill, not to mention an extra 365 days of a clean, dry bottom you can give your child.  I have potty trained two babies now - cannot rave more about how fantastic it is.  So natural, so normal, so much easier.  If you work out a game plan that suits your lifestyle like I did ie "I'm there to change a nappy, pop your child on the potty" the rewards are bountiful.



We are very excited to introduce the brand new system that co-ordinates toilet training with Child Care Centres and Parents to empower children to give them the consistency they need for successful toilet training - "The Super Bum Bag"  Forever this has been the problem and now we have the solution.  The same system Jack uses at home is the same one he uses at Child Care.  We can do our "Free No More Nappies" Workshops in the Brisbane and Gold Coast for childcare centres wanting to introduce The TOTT Box system and completely revolutionise toilet training in your centre.  Imagine having EVERY CHILD TOILET TRAINED BY TWO YEARS OF AGE.  Find out how your Child Care centre can introduce the system for FREE.  If you would like to organise someone to come and speak to your organisation, please call 1300 886 234 or go to our CHILDCARE SECTION of the Help Centre for more information.