Ultimate Toilet Training System

The Ultimate Toilet Training System is your guaranteed system for success.  The "KNOW YOUR CHILD" strategies unique to this system are the key.  They provide a simple step-by-step formula for parents to follow to overcome (or avoid) the "battle of wills" often associated with toilet training - particularly POO PROBLEMS.  The Parent Module includes the EXCLUSIVE Personality Profile Test for Early Childhood where you will discover if your child is a

  1. Cheeky Monkey
  2. Wise Old Owl 
  3. Courageous Lion
  4. Loveable Lamb

Dedicate the system to suit your child's needs and you will not only end up with a clean-bottomed child sooner, but a more compliant one as well!

Purchase the Ultimate Toilet Training System as a PHYSICAL PACK or DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.  For even greater value, upgrade to include day and night training and purchase the Ultimate Toilet Training System in the Bullet Proof Boy Pack or Girls Just Want To Have Fun Pack.