Baby Training


Babies are easier to toilet train than toddlers!

I started my 4 month old on the potty and he just loved it - all the excitement and recognition he got for going. Introduce your baby early to the potty and your child will recognise the potty just like they do a bathtub, a high chair, or a car seat. Why should a potty be any different to any other tool you use to raise your child? They actually learn what muscles to use to expel waste, where a nappy takes this sensation away.  If you think about it, you are either NAPPY TRAINING your baby or POTTY TRAINING them.  You can either teach your child to go in their nappy which creates one set of habits, or teach them to go on the potty or toilet creating a completely different set.  Either way they are going to wee or poo, one just creates good habits and one creates bad and one is just more pleasant than the other.  Whatever you expose your baby to is what they will know.