Toilet Training / POO Challenge

We all wee and poo poo too.  The fact is, parents are struggling with poos.  The Poo Challenge, can be defined as running away to hide to poo, wanting the nappy on to poo, holding onto their poo, refusing to poo on the toilet.  If your child is doing one or more of these, you have a Poo Challenge, and it isn't pleasant. 

This is probably the most common challenge with toilet training.  Often the child is completely wee trained, and has been for a while, even night trained in a lot of cases, they just absolutely refuse to poo on the toilet.  With a false sense of success with how well their child did with wees, parents just assume poos will follow soon after, yet they suddenly come to the realisation that six months have passed and the situation has actually gotten worse, not better.  This is often assisted with the advice of well-meaning friends or family, sometimes even health professionals, telling us that our child will just "get it in their own time - don't worry."  The sad thing is, this strategy only hinders the problem. 

If you actually think about it as well, doing "nothing" and "hoping" it will just get better by itself, with absolutely no input to help your child or address the root of the problem, just does not make sense.  "Hope" is not an effective strategy for success - for ANYTHING!  You would never adopt this approach for any other scenario, so why apply it to toilet training?  The challenge lies in the fact that "time" does not make it better but actually worse.  This is why parents that are using this approach are finding that their child's "battle of wills" has gotten significantly worse as they have gotten older - not better.  They do it call it "terrible-twos" for a reason. :(

The other issue with “The Poo Challenge” is that it can lead to other problems like constipation.  Though this can sometimes be the root cause, either way, it can result in a very painful situation for your child.  They often don't forget the pain associated with being consitpated and the viscious circle continues to repeat as they are now too scared to even try.  Certain personalities - the strong-willed child in particular, tend to be the main contenders to "holding on" as they don't like the out-of-control feeling of going.   This again highlights the ineffectiveness with "waiting and hoping" for it to go away by itself.

When we have an understanding of "why" it is happening this becomes very clear.     

2.0 Why won't my Child Poo on the Toilet?

Whether it is fear, laziness, lack of interest, stubborness..... the foundation of these resultant behaviours is the same.  The underlying cause of the Poo Challenge is "battle of wills".  An understanding of this and what this means specifically to YOUR child is where your key to success lies. 

In order to help with this understanding, you need to ask yourself, why is the Poo Challenge now so prolific?  Why are they now making disposable nappy pants for 8-15 year olds?  You just need to chat to any grandparent to discover, "toilet training was not an issue back when we did it". What they did is the key and research has highlighted this further.

Research done by the University of NSW, titled "Toilet Training Infants and Children in Australia" discovered, that just one generation ago we were toilet training a year and half EARLIER than what we are today.  It is here we find the answer to "why?".  If the "battle of wills" is the root cause, and parents are now toilet training later compared to what we used to..... the catch cry "terrible-twos" makes so much sense.  Why would we start something new with our child, at an age when they can say "no" really well?!?  But this is what is happening and the result is......

What is really frustrating is that the PREVENTION of poo problems is so, so simple, yet parents are having to operate on the "CURE", simply because they don't have the right information or game plan to follow.  You pay with interest big time trying to discover the cure.  If we can prevent the problem in the first place, how much tears, frustrations and heart-ache can be avoided?!  The thing is, you don't know that you don't know until you are in a Poo Challenge.  :(

With the PREVENTION so simple, why would you risk it?

If you are in the CURE phase where hindsight will benefit your second child, don't stress, there is a solution, and it is equally simple to apply.  So be excited :). It all comes down to how well you KNOW YOUR CHILD.  Until the "battle of wills" is addressed, nothing will be solved.  It is when your child's NEEDS are met, then the Poo Challenge will finally be replaced with a happy child wanting to poo on the toilet.


3.0 How do we PREVENT a Poo Challenge in the first place? 

Often understanding can go a long way to help with our frustrations, but more importantly, assist in the solution.  If we can help you AVOID the Poo Challenge altogether like we said, it will save a lot of tears and frustrations in the process.  This is our ultimate goal for families.

The research project done by the University of NSW  "Toilet Training Infants and Children in Australia" discovered the answer to preventing the Poo Challenge by identifying what is going wrong.  On the first page of their 83 page document it stated "Australians have abandoned toilet training."  This was linked with a photo of a happy 4-5 year old on the front of the Pull-up packet, indicating that we see this as normal and appropriate.  The fact that this age bracket is still in nappies holds no shock value to us, is the indicator that something has gone terribly wrong.  Please let me be clear.  This is not about making us feel guilty as parents, but rather avoid the resultant challenges that ignorance brings.  Imagine how fantastic it is for parents to avoid this altogether simply because they now "know".

Through the research project, they did an interview process with parents who were toilet training their children, and the results established there is a window of opportunity to start and finish toilet training, and if you toilet train in this time frame they proved you will go quicker and have less problems.  This window was "18-24mths".  After two years of age, (remember terrible-two-say-no-really-well) a common challenge occurred with the parents - Poo Problems.   Take a look below at what the author of this research has to say.




As you can see they proved that age is a significant factor in the toilet training process to determine whether you are more likely to end up with a Poo Challenge with your child.  The end result is more a "Battle of Wills" rather than a toilet training issue.

Start BEFORE TWO YEARS OLD and you will avoid the Poo Challenge.  It really can be that easy. 

Common sense prevails.  The earlier you start toilet training with your child, the sooner you lose the nappy, the quicker the bad habit of going in the nappy is broken and the good habit is replaced.

Remember, time does not help with a Poo Challenge, it hinders as the "battle of wills" escalates. Einstein said, the height of insanity is to continue on the same path but expect a different result.  Doing nothing equals nothing. The challenge with toilet training though, is the problem actually gets exponentially worse, not better with time as discussed.  The battle of wills escalates with the child getting older and the bad habit of going in the nappy is significantly more reinforced.  Action solves problems, not wishing or hoping it will just go away by itself.  Don't get caught in this trap, especially with a Poo Challenge.


4.0  What You Believe Can Delay the Poo Problem

An extract from an article in the Courier Mail dated 2008 stated

CHILDREN as old as five are being sent to school in nappies because their parents cannot be bothered toilet-training them"

The problem has become so widespread that Education Queensland is drawing up a toilet-training fact sheet amid calls from teachers' groups that nappy-wearing children be banned from attending school. With the introduction of the Prep year, children as young as 4-1/2 are starting full-time schooling - a situation that has fuelled the explosion in nappies in the classroom.”

How sad is this, but a strong reality.  Even though this was written in 2008, it is now 2015 and in the small school that my children attend of 288, there are two children that I know of that are wearing nappies to school.  One of them is in my child's Grade 1/2 class, because of poo problems.  The situation hasn't changed.

With the priviledge of helping thousands of parents since late 2007 and working with Childcare Centres over this time, this dedicated experience with such a niche area of parenting,  has provided a greater perspective than most with the ability to compare, analyse and literally see the impact that late toilet training is having on society. This is the major reason parents are contacting us - The Poo Challenge.  

In order to make changes it actually starts with us, the parent, firstly knowing the correct information and then acting on it.  This should be encouraging as you have full control over what you do.  Change what you are doing and your child's behaviour will follow.  Don't try and change your child.  It doesn't work.   The thing is the solution is so simple - start early and KNOW YOUR CHILD.


5.0  The Details Behind the Poo Problem

Outside of "age" and the resultant "battle of wills" being the main factor for poo problems, we can look further into the details of "why".

  1. Security of the Nappy – having experienced pooing in their nappy for their entire life, for some children they are comfortable with what they know.  Changing the rules can be scary and the unknown even scarier.
  2. Constantly Standing to Poo – Once a child starts walking, it is common for them to poo while standing.  Unfortunately this is what the nappy teaches them, instead of taking the time to sit in the correct position to pass a bowel motion as you would on the potty or toilet.
  3. Stressful Occurances – Negative situations involving the toilet can result in toilet refusal. It can be a parent forcing their child to go, or something as simple as water splashing up on to their skin or falling in or off the toilet the first time they go.
  4. Believing the Poo is Part of Them – A child with this belief system may be fearful to have their poo flushed away.
  5. Constipation – The pain associated with constipation can bring back vivid memories for a child, even after the issue is fixed.

In each of those scenarios and experiences, the RESULTANT BEHAVIOUR of the child refusing to poo is psychological.  Not physical.  Yes, you can have physical conditions, sickness, constipation, etc and of course the constipation needs to be addressed before any further progress can be made, but the END RESULT of toilet refusal after all of this is their “battle of wills”.  This is what we need to address.  Your solution is so simple and can be found in the Ultimate Toilet Training System, where the key focus is addressing the Behavioural and Motivational aspect of toilet training.


6.0  How to Get My Child to Poo on the Loo?

The unfortunate circumstance is, with an inccorrect approach, poo problems can delay for months, sometimes years. :(  An indicator of this is to look at how long you have been trying to poo train your child to date.  The good news is, with positive intervention and the right tools you can overcome the Poo Challenge in days, even if you have been going for a year or more.   Yes, this is really true.  There are a multitude of stories whereby the instant the parents changed their approach, next day done, four days later done.... real life stories of success overcoming that quickly.

Background to this success story - 3.5 year old with major Poo Challenge which lead to regression with wees as well.  Please note, they received the information from the Ultimate Toilet Training System on Friday.

Hi Tracy.

“Just wanted to let you know that their are 2 very proud parents here of a Courageous Little Lion who is now pooing in the toilet ☺☺☺ AFTER ALMOST A YEAR AND HALF OF RESISTENCE!  We received your information Friday.  He has been going since SATURDAY.  Decided too all by himself because of the strategies - mummy went and then ate a chocolate prize in front of him and he “missed out”...worked brilliantly...he ran to the toilet and did one all by himself. He now tells us that he wants to try and gets a Prize Box reward even for trying. He has been going EVERY day sometimes more, since Saturday and only having minimal wee accidents...even telling us he needs to go.  We will continue to use the “oh well you miss out” method and your other strategies. So thanks so, so much for all your kindness and help… i have confidence we will get there now ☺☺☺ “


"Hi there Tracy

Another success story to share - Harrison was toilet trained - day and night - in 4 days!! He is 2 years and 9 months old. At the end of day 2, I wanted to call you and/or give up but we persisted and it clicked for him. But the key - as you explained to me - was assessing his personality. The strategies suggested worked perfectly with him. Definitely a courageous lion!  You mentioned that in our phone call and I focused on that.  For now, we have a little boy who takes himself to the toilet to wee and poo - never needs to be asked - flushes and washes his hands all by himself and not a single accident in less than a week. Our little legend!!

Thank you for your help, Nicole."

Hi Tracy,

Oh my God!!! You are amazing!!!

Yesterday morning we did what you suggested on Friday evening. Ollie sat on the toilet happily, after throwing in 4 yum yums, watching the smelly smelly song on the iPad set up on a stool in front of him. I then gave him the option of pooing which me there, or me leaving and he could hide like hide and seek. He hid his face and said he wanted to hide. I pulled the door to and he sat there for a few minutes then got up off the toilet, shut the door properly and went back, sat on the toilet and did a poo!!! My husband couldn't believe it when he went and got him off and he had done it, as he often says he has but hasn't!  We have just had a repeat this morning. He didn't take very long, and told me when he had finished today. I can't thank you enough. Our whole household is relaxed and happy - and relieved!


There are two things you need to achieve to overcome the Poo Challenge:

1.  Know your Child - Use the Right Tools and a Dedicated Game Plan for success

2.  Refocus, Make it Fun for your Child

This is what the Ultimate Toilet Training System gives you.  "How for the parent, (the most important factor in the solution) and "fun" for the child.

It really does come down to us, the parent or caregiver making the right choices, doing the right methods with correct information.  If you think about it, your current level of knowledge and the tools you have used to date has given you the results you currently have?  You need to change something in order to have something change.  This is why understanding your child is the key.  Once you know what makes them tick, you have the solution to succeed.  You know how to speak their language and what they need to overcome the fear or laziness, or control issue, or whatever is causing them to refuse to poo on the toilet in the first place.



When you understand your child's needs, their stregths and weaknesses, you can design your game plan to suit them.  This is how you can overcome in days because you have a dedicated approach to them.  When you understand "why" they are behaving in the manner they are, then you know how to fulfill that need.  KNOW YOUR CHILD and with a dedicated approach to your child you will achieve success far quicker than a general approach.  If someone gives you instructions on toilet training without this information, then there is a good chance the information will only work for a small percentage of the population sample, probably tailored to only one personality type – that of the author.  The only way you can have the guaranteed results is being able to tailor your actions and the tools you use to suit your child and their individual circumstances.  Same tools, same foundation for success - different application and approach for your specific needs.  There is no other way to combat the variations of challenges and personalities children provide for us.  Every child is different, but there are enough similarities to have a formula to follow!

This is what the amazing Ultimate Toilet Training System does.   This system works so well because of our exclusive Personality Profile Test for Early Childhood


This sets us apart from anything else on the market and by working out your child’s unique personality, you tailor your approach to suit them.  This is why you go quickly.  A general approach gives you general results.  A dedicate approach, fulfilling the needs of your child, speaks their language, so they respond quickly.

You will discover if your child is a:

1.  Courageous Lion

2.  Loveable Lamb

3.  Cheeky Monkey

4.  Wise Old Owl

Images supplied by

The Know Your Child eBook included in the Ultimate Toilet Training System has practical solutions with everyday examples that you can apply and get results immediately! The exciting thing is, you can apply the foundation to EVERY aspect of parenting…. From eating vegies to avoiding tantrums.  It just works, because you are giving your child what they “need” not what they “want”.  Huge difference to your end result.  You get this amazing system for less than one months’ worth of nappies for one child….and, you can be finished in that time, even if it has dragged out for months.  You are details away from success, you just need to know the details that count….which is really encouraging – it is only a molehill not a mountain that needs to change. 

To make it even easier (and cheaper) for parents, the Ultimate Toilet Training System, is further discounted and included in the Bullet Proof Boy Pack or Girls Just Want To Have Fun Pack, with extra gender specific tools that cover day and night training.

The extremely popular Bullet Proof Boy Pack or Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pack give you the amunition to succeed as you now know the "why" specific to your child, thus the solution is specific as well.  This is why you can overcome in days.  The fantastic thing is, you will take this information and apply it to all areas of parenting.  It really is the foundation of parenting well.   You can be very excited that not only can you overcome the Poo Challenge but eliminate tantrums if they happening as well.  The information is that effective.  You can turn your hot-head into a compliant child because you know what you need to change - what you say and do - in order to bring about change in them.  We can't force anyone to change - I know I have a husband smiley, but if you change yourself and what you are doing, you can effect the change in others as they respond to you.  KNOW YOUR CHILD is the key to this.  This is included in the Ultimate Toilet Training System.  This is why it works with guaranteed results!


This is where the solution is team work.  You know what to do and your child has fun at the same time.  In order to help your child overcome fears or aversion to the toilet the best approach is - MAKE IT FUN!  No doubt they consider the toilet is a negative thing currently.  So let's change that and make doing a poo on the loo an enjoyable experience.  When you do this, they will be racing to go. This way they forget why they were fearful in the first place.  The tools contained in the Bullet Proof Boy Pack or Girls Just Want To Have Fun Packs are just sooooo much fun for your child they really want to do it.  "Let's go feed the hungry toilet the Yum Yum, quick before Daddy does it.  Let's bomb it with our poos like Dumpy the Dump Truck!"  Think like a child and they won't be able to resist. 


The combination of you knowing what to do to help your child and your child wanting to poo because it is now fun is your secret to success.  The Ultimate Toilet training system has a 100% Money Back Guarantee it is that effective!  Follow the details to success and your child will win.


The BEST TOOL to overcome the Poo Challenge:


Using the Ultimate Toilet Training System  parents can learn the key strategies that their child needs to overcome the "battle of wills".  This in turne increases your child’s confidence and help eliminates fears to do with pooing on the toilet.  Often they are established with wees, so you use this to help your child go quicker with poos with the right strategy.  Meet your child where they are at and this will help them feel like a champion to move forward.


There are a few other key challenges that rear their ugly heads with toilet training. Don’t worry if your child does 3 out of the 4 categories below. The  Whizz & Plop Ultimate Toilet Training System, works extremely well to help refocus your child and turn toilet training into something fun, but the main thing is it teaches you what to do to overcome.  You see, no matter what the objection, it all comes down to the same thing "Battle of Wills".  Your child's battle of wills is just represented in different ways, often based on their personality. Whether you want to start and finish well or need to overcome toilet refusal to a Poo Challenge. The foundation for success is the same in EVERY situation.  It is the details that change for your child and their circumstances that count in order to start and finish in days or overcome a Poo Challenge in days.

My little girl at 2.5 years old decided to go for this one. As a parent it can be extremely frustrating because you simply don’t know where to go next. You have tried everything, and everything just isn’t working. This brings in the impending doom that your child will still be in nappies at 18. Often fears are the large influence here, fear of change, the toilet, even our attitude. A simple groan or dismay from us over an accident can send a sensitive child over the edge. This can often be the reason parents decide to delay toilet training – believing their child is not ready. Don’t be fooled. You wouldn’t give up feeding your child vegetables would you if they started refusing to eat them?! You come up with better ways to encourage it. My little girl was toilet trained in 3 days after refusing to use the toilet. I used a Toilet Training Kit and it gave me the system that both of us could use and it turned a chore into something fun. Don’t use force. Just do it smarter not harder.


Suggested Products/Techniques:

- Bulletproof Boy Pack / Girls Just want to have fun Pack  Increase your child’s confidence and help eliminate fears to do with pooing on the toilet

- Weeman for boys Because boys want to wee while standing, just like daddy - included in the Bullet Proof Boy Pack discounted.

- Wee Targets for boys  Boys like their toys, great tool to keep you toilet clean - included in the Bullet Proof Boy Pack discounted.

- Toilet Yum Yums Toilet Yum Yums are fantastic for refocussing you child with poo challenges - included in the Boy and Girl Packs discounted.

- Lupi Lu Award winning toilet seat - child and adult seat in one.  Helps with the physical aspect of pooing.  The more comfortable your child is, the more likely they will relax to go.  Plus, great for independence.


- Fluffa Bird E-Book Next time the fluffa bird sings in your house, your kids will know what to do.  A bonus tool to help with making pooing fun!

2.0  Not Interested
This can also be a factor that delays toilet training as parents think that their child is just not ready to start. The lack of interest can stem though from fears of change as they don’t’ want to lose the nappy. If you think about it, we train our children to wee and poo in their nappy for 2 or more years of their life and wonder why we get objections when we want to change the rules. The relaxed, more laid back personality can also be a factor influencing the lack of interest. Subsequently you have try extra hard to make it interesting for this child. Find their motivation and keeping them motivated can be a challenge, but if you don’t persist, it can delay the process a long, long time.


Suggested Products/Techniques:

- Bulletproof Boy Pack / Girls Just want to have fun Pack Increase your child’s confidence and help eliminate fears to do with pooing on the toilet

- Weeman for boys Because boys want to wee while standing, just like daddy - included in the Bullet Proof Boy Pack discounted.

- Wee Targets for boys Boys like their toys, great tool to keep you toilet clean - included in the Bullet Proof Boy Pack discounted.

- Toilet Yum Yums Toilet Yum Yums are fantastic for refocussing you child with poo challenges - included in the Boy and Girl Pack discounted.


3.0  Soiled or Wet Pants – Don’t Care
A child with a laid back personality is simply the HARDEST CHILD TO TOILET TRAIN, because they just don’t care. They are happy to sit in soiled or wet pants, it simply doesn’t bother them. This does makes toilet training difficult and it means it may take a little longer.  Most phone calls that I get from parents with children 3, 4 & 5 years old still in nappies is this personality, so please don't delay with this child.  The key is prevention as the cure is very difficult and takes forever.  So start early.  Please start early with this child.  It really is the solution to easy toilet training with them.  Start at 18mths or even better, earlier so you can ensure you are finished well before two when the "batle of wills" kicks in.  The laziness and stuborness of this personality is really, really hard to work with after two years old.  A child that doesn't care if they are wet or dirty and couldn't be bothered to make an effort is extremely hard to motivate and there is absolutely no reason for them to change.   What this means is that you need to work harder at motivating your child and keeping them motivated to go.


Suggested Products/Techniques:

- Bulletproof Boy Pack / Girls Just want to have fun Pack Increase your child’s confidence and help eliminate fears to do with pooing on the toilet

- Weeman for boys Because boys want to wee while standing, just like daddy

- Wee Targets for boys Boys like their toys, great tool to keep you toilet clean

- Toilet Yum Yums Toilet Yum Yums are fantastic for refocussing you child with poo challenges - best used in the full Ultimate Toilet Training System.  All the details count.

4.0 Constipation / Urinary Tract Infection
These challenges can be the cause of toileting fears simply because at one stage it hurt to go.  Obviously get your child to your local GP ASAP and get the situation fixed before any toilet training occurs. Then your next step will be to help your child overcome the fear created with going to the toilet, to help them realise it isn’t going to hurt anymore. This involves giving your child something fun to focus on to take their minds off their initial fears.


Suggested Products:

- Pear or prune juice and prunes can be a natural laxitive if constipation is an issue (see a Doctor for medical advice in this area.)

- Bulletproof Boy Pack and Girls Just want to have fun Pack to help eliminate fears;

- Weeman for boys  Because boys want to wee while standing, just like daddy

- Wee Targets for boys Boys like their toys, great tool to keep you toilet clean

- Toilet Yum Yums Toilet Yum Yums are fantastic for refocussing you child with poo challenges


There are certain factors that assist in extending the toilet training process longer than what it needs to be. If you want to get the job done quickly, you need to avoid the following:

1. Inconsistency
2. The Nappy
3. Negative Attitude

1. Inconsistency
Inconsistency is a big factor in the delay of toilet training your child. Starting one day, stopping the next, does not allow consistency for your child to learn the new sensation they have to identify with – their body telling them they need to go to the toilet. Subsequently, this can delay toilet training or in some cases, actually create toilet refusal because the right skills are not practiced long enough for the good habit to be established. We often have to break the bad habit first – weeing and pooing in their nappy – in order to create the new one. Having a game plan and system to work with can prevent this. If you can, stay home for at least a weekend, preferably 3-5 days to get the process started.

2. The Nappy
The longer you keep the nappy the longer it is going to take. The key is for your child to identify the wetness sensation that a disposable nappy takes away. Big boy / girl underpants are essential to the whole process for building your child’s confidence, allowing them to feel wet, teaching them to pull them up and down, etc. Waterproof toilet training pants help us as parents to have the confidence to “Leave the home” without putting the nappy back on. They are also great and save us heaps for night time training. And by the way…. a pull-up is still a nappy! So if you want to go quicker… lose the nappy during waking hours.

3. Negative Attitude
Your attitude can play a big part in the toilet training process. You don’t even have to say anything, your body language and facial expressions can display excitement or displeasure toward your child. Some children are more sensitive to others to this, so beware, get the attitude right before you start. Never get angry at your child for an accident. Be positive at all times and always encourage your child where possible. Your excitement will flow through to them.