"BIG KID" Toilet Training Pants: Multi Purchase Special - Trevor Tractor Large (12-18kg)

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"Big Kid" Training Pants are a fantastic (& gorgeous) solution for toilet training your child, taking the stress out of leaving the home. The WATERPROOF LAYER means that an accident is contained and avoids the puddle on the floor or wetting the car seat.

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Brand Whizz & Plop
Recommended Age 6mths - 4yrs
Gender Girl
Product Use
  • TOILET TRAINING your child.
  • Allowing your child to feel wet in order to toilet train successfully.
Key Benefits
  • WATERPROOF LAYER -€“ The "Big Kid"€ Training Pants have a waterproof PUL layer which means that accidents out and about is not a problem. This also saves the car seat if an accident occurs.
  • STILL FEEL WET €- Made from 100% cotton, your child will still feel wet, necessary for successful toilet training, with the benefit and convenience of KEEPING ACCIDENTS CONTAINED with the waterproof layer.
  • GREAT FOR NIGHT TRAINING - When combined with a WATERPROOF SHEET PROTECTOR it means that both the lower and upper sheets can stay dry when night training.  So your child will still feel wet, but the sheets won’t.
  • ENCOURAGES LOSING THE NAPPY - These adorable pants will help children to lose the nappy sooner and with greater acceptance.  The Ultra Cute designs will have them racing to put on their brand new “Big Kid” underpants to be just like Mum or Dad.   The success is even in their name.
  • SMALLER SIZES - Parents often complain that they can’t get underpants in sizes small enough to fit their child’s little bottom.  The great benefit of the "Big Kid"€ Training Pants is that they come in three sizes.
  • PANT SIZES - SMALL (3-11kg)  MEDIUM (9-14kg)  LARGE (12-18kg)
Inclusions Waterproof PUL Layer
Product Size (cm) 19w x 22l x 1h
Product Weight 0.06
Please note, you need to add a quantity of 3 or more to your cart to get the discounted pricing.  Each single quantity equals one pair of pants. You can have a variety of themes.
The "Big Kid" Training Pants have a WATERPROOF LAYER which makes accidents less stressful when leaving the home, travelling in the car, trip to the shops, daycare and so forth.  This means that you will be more confident and feel less obliged to put the nappy back on, which delays the process with inconsistency.
These ultra-cute pants with their waterproof layer are the compromise between normal underpants that have no waterproof protection to full waterproof training pants.  Full waterproof training pants are quite expensive averaging around $25.  The Big Kid Pants are more economical at half the price and are designed to catch that one wee.  The waterproof layer covers the wet zone and if you are using the Ultimate Toilet Training System to help toilet train your child and identify what their body is doing quicker, this is a great option for toilet training.   They are more likely to stop the wee if they feel it coming when you are dedicating your approach to their bladder size, and teaching them to work out their body's signals.

It is so important to lose the nappy when you start toilet training your child.  Your child needs to feel wet and uncomfortable in order to change the situation.  The disposable nappy or pull up, takes the wetness sensation away.  This means they lose the feeling of what their body is doing.  You end up "nappy training" your child - teaching them to go in a nappy.   This makes it harder to break the bad habits created later on.

The "Big Kid" Training Pants are more for us, the parent, so that an accident while out at the shops isn't the end of the world.  The key is your child needs to feel wet and uncomfortable - wee fell wet, cause and effect.  If we can avoid the puddle on the floor at the same time, even better.
The Big Kid Pants are also great for night training.  When you are ready to start night training it is important to lose the nappy again so your child feels wet.  To effectively manage wetness for night training it is recommended that you combine the Big Kid Pants with a Waterproof Sheet Protector.  If your child does a large wee, which can happen with night training without the conscious effort to stop the wee while we are awake, the pants are not a nappy, nor are they completely waterproof.  A large wee can eventually leak out past the waterproof layer.  This is why the Waterproof Sheet Protector is the best combination to use, in case a large wee occurs.  The Waterproof Sheet Protector goes on top of the sheets and protects the mattress and the bottom sheet from getting wet and saves the pain of having to remake the entire linen at 2am in the morning.  With the Big Kid Pants they can help further by keeping the top sheet / dooner dry, particularly in Winter.

You will still need around 10 - 15 pairs of normal underpants for toilet training.  The benefit of the normal underpant are the price and there is definitely the benefit of emphasising the cause and effect required for wee feel wet by having the wee run down the leg onto the floor when you are in the comfort of your own home.  But if you want to feel safer while your child sits on the couch to watch TV, Big Kid pants are a great option too. :) 
The benefits that using the "Big Kid" Training Pants are:
  1. Helps us manage wetness more confidently to avoid using a nappy.

  2. The waterproof layer helps hold in one wee to help keep the outer clothes dry. 

  3. The waterproof layer will mean that an accident out and about will avoid puddles on the floor or the painful chore of removing and cleaning a car seat that has been wet while driving.

  4. The pants come in smaller sizes for little bottoms, which are hard to find in normal underpants.

  5. They are just gorgeous and will make your little angel's bottom even cuter than normal. 

  6. They will want to wear these very special "Big Kid" pants made just for them!  (helps to lose the nappy if they are attached)

The pants are made from cotton and have a waterproof PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) sewn into the key wet zone.  The full training pant is not waterproof which is why they are an economical option for parents.  Training pants that are made entirely out of a complete waterproof layer are quite expensive, usually upwards of $23 plus each.  These will do the job required at a significantly lower price.  You can save even more by purchasing them in a discounted 3 pack.

One of the challenges parents face when it comes to toilet training is finding a pair of underpants small enough to fit their child's little bottom.  The great news is that the "Big Kid" Training Pants come in three sizes:
  1. Small:      3 -  11kg

  2. Medium:  9 -  14kg

  3. Large:     12 - 18kg

The "Big Kid" Training Pants come in six Ultra Cute themes to choose from:
  1. Lola Ladybird

  2. Flora Flower

  3. Kitty Cat

  4. Percy Puppy

  5. Reilly Racing Car

  6. Trever Tractor

  1.    The pants are machine washable and dryable.

  2.    Wash soiled training pants and inserts in water under 30 °C. (Less than 86°F)

  3.    Don't not wash them together with your other clothes if soiled.

  4.    Do not boil them to disinfect or it will wreck the waterproof capabilities.

  5.    Use Natural Baby cleaning agents to extend the life of the pants.  Recommend Cushie Tushies Natural Cleaning Detergent.

  6.    Do not use Fabric Softener.

  7.    Dry naturally will extend the life of the pants.

  8.    Do not iron.

Great for nightTraining

by: Alex 14th December, 2017

Have purchased the night time undies from you before, quite a while ago, and they were suddenly night trained in two nights! (Twin boys.)


Good product

By: on 24 October 2022
Very happy with my purchase of Big Kid Toilet Traning pants. Well made and comfortable for my toddler.

The Toilet Training Pants are a Lifesaver!

By: on 10 February 2022
"These toilet training pants were a life saver, so I would highly recommend them to anyone toilet training their child. They take a lot of the stress away around toilet training as they are very absorbent and able to contain little accidents well. My toddler finds them comfortable and likes the colourful patterns on the fabric, which is a bonus. I was also very impressed with the delivery time which was unbelievably fast. It was also cute that the envelope was addressed to my daughter, with a cute hand drawn cartoon that made the delivery much more special and personal. Thank you so much!"

Fantastic service

By: on 16 August 2018
The training pants are great, well made etc but the standout was the service. The hand written note , the drawing on the front of the envelope with my daughters name and the after care. It's been a long time since I've seen really outstanding service . I'm impressed!

Wonderful product

By: on 19 April 2018
That’s lovely product I’m looking for my daughter. Fast delivery and good quality .

Terrific training pants

By: on 11 September 2017
Great company to deal with. Prompt service, friendly and personal. The training pants are delightful, hold heaps of wee as they say and easy to wash and dry. Make training much easier. Thank you Potty Training for such a brilliant product. Five star product for sure

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