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Bundle Inc 2 versions of song - bedtime & party. A hilarious solution for dry nights - DRY PANTS DANCE! Sung by the legend Colin Buchanan, it will have you wetting your pants with laughter. Helps with the bladder / brain connection for dry nights.

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Can anyone dance as good as Colin?!

This is a hilarious look at helping your child with night training and it is sung by the legend himself Colin Buchanan.  Colin brings his magic touch that just makes you want to get up and dance to the Dry Pants Dance.  An extremely catchy tune to help children lock in the key elements that will help with dry night success.  The bladder / brain connection is literally the physical game plan that needs to happen in order for your child to stay dry.  Turn night training into a song and dance and you are on a winner!



A song to help with night training to emphasise through repetition what needs to happen.  This will help the subconscious to trigger that the body has a full bladder and the child needs to wake up and go, or, hold on until morning.  This bladder / brain connection is the actual physical aspect that needs to happen while the child is asleep. The brain needs to identify there's a full bladder and do something about it by sending the signal to hold on or get up and go.  To have success with night training we need to break through uncontrollable challenges like deep sleep.  We do not know how powerful the brain is, so this is a fun tool to help focus the brain on physically what needs to happen for success.



  • We can't underestimate the power of the brain and what a child at any age is taking in.   I would say "bladder, brain, wake up" and use these principles for success with my first child at 2.7years just before going to bed and she responded with dry nights within a week. This is why we need to use the word “bladder” even though it is a more complex word for a child of that age group, but helps in the process of success. 
  • The lyrics is a fun way to teach the child what to do – eg. go to the toilet before bed, bladder/brain connection, and goal setting to focus on staying dry and of course to celebrate our success with the Dry Pants Dance.


Dry Pants Dance is Awesome - 11 Days & Dry Every N

By: on 18 April 2016
Hi Tracy Just wanted to write a quick email and let you know how awesome the Dry Pants Dance was / is for Addison. We are now on 11 days in and Addison has been dry every night but one! She loves the song, we just listen to it twice every night – have had one read of the book (its been a busy few weeks) and her Brain / Bladder connection is now awesome. She comes in some nights for a wee, others she waits all night – she is so proud of herself and tells all the family members she can (grandmas, auntys etc), how she is finally a big girl now! We have now recommended your site to everyone we know that is struggling with kids from 3.5 to 7 so hopefully they will all logon and take a look. Thanks for your great resources and information, it really has helped Addy and us through the long difficult night time phase quickly and easily! Rebecca

Best song ever!! Very effective

By: on 2 November 2015
I got this for my 7 year old who still had night bed-wetting problems. We tried everything, but all of a sudden the idea of being Mr Dry-pants was way to exciting. He will come and wake me up every morning he had a dry night and do the "dry-pants dance". It took 2 weeks of mostly dry nights to overcome the problem and I give this song all the credit. THANKS!!!

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