Personality Profile Test for Early Childhood

Do you Have a Courageous Lion or a Cheeky Monkey?

The Personality Profile Test is a key element of our Toilet Training System, if you understand "why" your child is doing what they are doing, you then have a solution and a game plan to follow. Learn to speak your child's language.

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Do you have an "I do it" independent, get out of the way I'm coming through child? Or maybe a playful "whirlwind" look at me, I need lots of attention child? Or the more serious and cautious, scared of change, assess the situation and then proceed child?  Or the last and the hardest to toilet train out of all the personalities.... the laid back, she'll be right mate, don't care if I am wet or dirty and very happy to sit in my dirty nappy all day if you let me thanks Mum, but stubborn child?  This is the secret formula to guaranteed success that we teach you.   Once you know this integral information, it will help you with all aspects of parenting.  You will know how to work with your little angel.  What you say and do can either delay toilet training for months, or have your child finished in days.  Toilet training is about us, the parents.

If you understand "why" your child is doing what they are doing, you then have a solution and a game plan to follow.  The Personality Test has the best outcome when used in conjuction with the "Know your child" book. Then you are taught when to get your child to the toilet at the right times to avoid the hit and miss approach with delays for months. This is how you can overcome existing problems.  This is how you can start and finish well.  This is how you can toilet train in days. The personality test and the "Know your child" e-book are included in our exclusive "Ultimate Toilet Training System"

Once you understand your child's personality and you know what to say and do to, you can use this not only for toilet training but for life. Speaking your child's language will help you to shape desired behaviour in your kids for years to come!

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