Childrens Step Stool

Help Your Child Gain Independence & Relax to Poo

Help your child gain independence by climbing up themselves, PLUS, using a stool helps them sit in the correct position physically, knees up, feet flat on a firm surface to help them relax to poo on the toilet.

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The best thing you can do for your child is provide the tools to help with their independence.  Providing an easy way for them to climb onto the toilet all by themselves helps them feel like a big kid, as well as your sanity so you don't have to be there in the end to help them up.

The added benefit is that if you double the stool up, your child can rest their feet on the stool to allow for the correct positioning for their body to help them feel secure and relaxed to go.  Knees up, feet flat, slightly apart and resting on a secure base is the best position to help them poo.  While the Poo Challenge is often a psychological "battle of wills", you can certainly help the situation physically by using the tools that will make your child feel comfortable and help the process along by putting them in the correct position to go.

The IKEA stool is practical, easy to clean, attractive to look at and economical. The soft, curved shape is very well suited to small children's feet and can be easily pushed around the curve of the toilet so it is out of the way when not in use.  The glide protection on the bottom of the stool always stands steady, and on the top side too so it isn't slippery.  



- Anti-slip cover on top reduces the risk of slippage.

- Anti-slip material on the underside makes the stool stand steady.

- Easily stored round the side of the toilet

- Helps provide a feeling of security for your child to put their feet on.

- Helps create independence so your child can climb up onto the toilet themselves.



Width: 26 cm
Height: 13 cm
Length: 37 cm
Weight: 0.39 kg



Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened in water and a mild non-abrasive washing-up detergent or soap, if necessary.



Polypropylene plastic, Synthetic rubber

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