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Toilet training is about us, the parent.  Whether you start your baby on the potty at four months old or wait until your child is two and half to start will determine your success and how easy or hard the process will be.  It is your choice not your baby's.  You baby will just learn from what ever you expose them to.  The exciting thing is though, to start potty training a baby is so economical and so easy, you just need to know what to do.  With a baby, there is no "battle of wills" that you need to contend with like a toddler.  This is why it is easier to potty train a baby over a toddler.  The main problems parents have with toilet training is that their toddler says "no" really well. 

If you follow the right principles for success and work out a game plan that suits you and your lifestyle, you can easily start your baby on the potty.