Potette Plus

A Portable Potty & Toilet Insert in One!

DON'T leave home without the POTETTE PLUS! The 2-in-1 Portable Potty and Toddler Toilet Seat while out and about. No clean up: Easy: A simple trip to the park can be stressful without this product - no toilet/gross toilet what do you do? Saves the day!

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Brand BabyU
Recommended Age 1mth - 4yrs
Gender Boy or Girl
Inclusions 1mth - 4yrs
Product Size (cm) 26w x 28l x 7.5h
Product Weight 0.51


The Potette Plus is your ultimate solution for leaving the home and staying confident and sane.  The Potette Plus is a two in one, portable potty and toilet seat insert.  It is a potty when there is no toilet available and toilet seat insert when there is.




The Potette Plus two-in-one means you are never caught out.  The legs clip securely into place when it needs to be used as a potty.  The disposable liner means there is no clean out, you just need to bin the waste when done.  So easy, so efficient.  You can get a reusable liner as well if needed for a more permanent option.

A simple trip to the park - no toilet, gross toilet, what do you do?  With the Potette Plus you are fully prepared for any scenario.  Plus, when children are just starting toilet training they don't give you much notice.  When you hear "poo poo" from the back of the car, guaranteed there is never a toilet in sight.  With a Potette Plus you have full control.  A poo in the pants while out and about simply because you couldn't get to a toilet in time is extremely stressful for the parent and the child.  Avoid it at all costs. 

The Potette Plus includes a draw-string carry bag and 3 x disposable liners.



When there is a toilet available the Potette Plus saves the day as well.  The key with toilet training is consistency, so while you are out and about, the Potette Plus becomes a portable toilet seat insert when using public toilets to make the hole smaller just like at home.  Children are often scared of the big toilets in shopping centres, so this is your ideal solution.  Plus, hygiene, bottoms touching seats you want to avoid.  A trip to Nannas, playgroup when there is a toilet available the legs fold out of the Potette Plus and becomes the insert required so they are comfortable to go.



The Potette Plus is so convenient to take with you where ever you go.  The legs fold in and it comes with its own carry bag for hygiene and will fit in the bottom of the pram, nappy bag, etc.  Keep it permanently in the car to ensure you are never caught out.



There are two extra accesories available to use with the Potette Plus:

  1. 10 Pack Disposable Liners - scented with an absorbant pad in each one to catch the wee.
  2. Reusable Liner - If required for use on a more permanent basis, the reusable liner is available.


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