Parent Books


Toilet training is about us, the parent.  Whether you do training in a day or take months and are still going with a poo problem is largely determined by when we start, what we do, how well we know how to work with our child.  This is why first, gaining the correct information can make all the difference to our success. 

"But my child is totally refusing and I can't get them to go!"  Then we need to know how to work with our child to overcome their fear or objections that are causing the refusal in the first place.  When you realise that it is about you not your child it should bring relief, as you can control what you can't force your child to do anything.  

If we know the BEST strategies to do to toilet train quickly or know what we absolutely have to avoid in order to take months off the process then we get the results accordingly.  It is up to us to get the right information.