Bedwetting: Practical Solutions for Parents (Ebook)

Understand Your Child & How to Achieve Dryness

BEDWETTING: PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR PARENTS gives you the strategies to STOP BEDWETTING. Know your child & the best night training methods.

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Brand Whizz & Plop
Product Use
  • Establishing a good game plan for night training.
Key Benefits
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR CHILD – By understanding your child’s personality you can speak their language.
  • CORRECT GAME PLAN – If you practice the wrong thing over and over you will never move closer to success.  There are certain things that are important with night training to allow your child to win.
  • FREE IN ULTIMATE TOILET TRAINING SYSTEM – This e-book is free in the Ultimate Toilet Training System to help you go straight on to night training and know what to do.
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Hints and tips for you and your child with tried and tested, practical solutions to help with bed-wetting.  Written by a parent for parents.  This e-book is designed to make your life easier.


Bed-Wetting: Practical Solutions For Parents was written to fill a need for all the sleep-deprived parents currently going through bed-wetting with their child.


The aim is to give not only an overview of bed-wetting, but provide everyday, practical details for you and your child to make this process easier.  These simple details can make all the difference, but don't seem to be widely published.  It is from the perspective of a parent who has had to go through the exact same process you are, so the information is focussed on a hands-on approach.


Chapters Include:

1.0   Bed-Wetting - Why is it Happening?

2.0   Now I'm Dry.... Now I'm Not?

3.0   How Do I Deal With Bedwetting?

4.0   What is My Child NOT Thinking?

5.0   How Can I Understand My Child Better?

6.0   Do I Need to Seek Help?

7.0   What Can I Do To Help My Child?

8.0   Night Time Checklist

9.0   References


Note: This ebook is incuded for FREE with the Ultimate Toilet Training System, or buy for only $7.95.

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